Visiting a Cat Cafe

Since it was my birthday this week (I’m now 25 which I can’t quite believe) I decided to visit my local cat cafe in Aberdeen. My boyfriend booked us a one hour time slot at The Cat in the WindowΒ cafe which I had been looking forward to all week!


We arrived 5 minutes early so we would be ready for our time slot. We were asked to take off our shoes and jackets before the staff told us a few rules to make sure the cats were comfortable. When we were allowed inside I wasn’t disappointed, one cat tried to escape while we chose a place to sit among the sofas and bean bags. The decor was cute and I wanted to take the furniture (and cats) home with me!

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Cat friendly furniture

When we first arrived most of the cats were ironically sat in the windows (remember the name of the cafe?). They were either looking out for birds or had found a bed to snooze in. Thankfully before each group of guests the cats have a small break. We had also arrived just after a meal so they had more energy than usual.

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Cat in the Window

There were 9 cats in the cafe and during our visit only 6 humans were visiting, this meant that we had a good cat:human ratio and we managed to pet all of the cats! The first to approach us was Ninja, she is the newest cat in the cafe who had sadly been in a rescue centre for over a year before she was adopted!

Ninja scoping out the visitors

Ninja sat next to our table while we ordered drinks and cake (maybe she heard us talk about cake and wanted to wait around). Within the first 10 minutes only Ninja and Theodore were walking around the cafe, turns out food motivates cats as much as dogs and once food was served the other cats were suddenly interested!

Theodore wanted humans to visit his beanbag

We ate a quick snack and were able to watch the cats climbing around. If you take a look on my Instagram you’ll see a photo of Theodore begging for food. He even climbed on the table in an effort to eat our crumbs!

Loved this cat mug

After eating we abandoned the table and moved over to the sofas to sit next to the cats who seemed to prefer beanbags over cat beds!

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We ended up back with our first cat friend Ninja and got the chance to read through the cafe book which introduced each of the cats.

Posing Ninja

Once we were about half way through our time we had been speaking to the other visitors and had the chance to switch places with them to see the other cats.

Mickey waking up

It was at this point Jamie managed to take one of my favourite photos of the trip – Mickey checking on us from his bed. I don’t know what we did to annoy him, but I think he had a case of resting grumpy face!

Feels like someone is watching us..

Actually, now I look back at my phone maybe it was the mini photoshoot he had to endure. He was really happy when we scratched behind his ears though so it was a fair exchange!

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Obligatory Cat Selfie

The cafe had provided us with lots of different toys and activities for the cats to play with, but I think they enjoyed annoying each other most! When one would climb furniture, another would follow to catch their tail or play.

Princess Pancakes (right) and Napoleon (left)

Before I finish the cat photos, I have to do a shout out to my spirit animal Zeus who didn’t move an inch during our whole visit!

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Zeus too comfortable to move

I had the most relaxing time visiting the cafe, we had an hour filled with cat watching and petting. I find that cat cafes are a nice escape because there is no loud music playing or people shouting.

Jamie had even managed to organise a surprise for my birthday and I was given a goodie bag of gifts from my furry friends at the cafe!

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Birthday Surprise

I was given a card ‘signed’ by all of the cats and managed to bag myself one of the cute cat mugs I had been talking about earlier!

I think visiting a cat cafe is fun for almost everyone (as long as you’re not scared of cats!) and I loved my time getting to meet them. I always find that the staff are kind and chatty at this type of cafe and they help you to interact with the animals if you’re a little unsure.

Even though I only visited yesterday I am already trying to plan my next visit!

41 thoughts on “Visiting a Cat Cafe

  1. This is so cute! And it’s wonderful that there were not many humans. I went to one in Paris over Christmas time and there were 35 people and about 12 cats. If I ever have to chance to visit Scotland, I will definitely be visiting this Cat Cafe – it’s so awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Just outside of the city is the beach which is lovely if you can get there. In the city I would recommend taking at look at Marischal College which has lovely architecture and it’s next to Mackie’s Scottish Ice Cream shop, it’s also over the road from the cat cafe and near to the first Brewdog bar opened! In terms of food I would recommend Chaopraya for Thai and Almondine if you want a coffee or afternoon tea. Almondine is on thistle street which is full of small boutique shops if you like that kind of thing too πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you, lots of ideas! We are thinking of going to Dunnottar Castle as well on the Sunday morning – getting the train to Stonehaven and getting a taxi from there. We need to catch the ferry to Shetland later that afternoon. It looks do-able?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think that’s do-able. When we went to Dunnottar we probably spent around 2 hours walking around the castle. There is a small beach and other surrounding cliffs you can walk around too if you have time πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve seen a few of these cat cafe posts now and I am so jealous! We have three cats at home but I love cats so much, we always feed tribes of them when we go on holiday and a cafe like this is my idea of heaven. Sadly there’s none near me but I live in hope. Glad you had a lovely time and thank you for sharing such fab photos! X

    Lisa |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading πŸ™‚ Cat cafes are such a relaxing and fun place, hopefully one will open near you soon! At least you have your own cats to get your own fix at home!


  3. I want to go here immediately! Although I’m a dog person (can you imagine a dog cafe? Absolute chaos haha!) I would love this and find it so much fun and relaxing. The decor in this place is gorgeous too!


  4. I loooooove cat cafΓ©s!!! The concept is awesome! I had the chance to go to one in Lille (North of France) and I loved it! I need to find one in London now πŸ˜›
    This one is particularly pretty! I love the deco and the furniture! And the mugs… ( I might steal one, but shhhhh! xD)
    These mugs are sooooo cute! I would love to get one!
    I loved the picture of the grumpy cat hahaha It could be the cover of a movie! (Zeus is really cute sleeping!)

    I’m actually thinking of getting a cat soon… I hope it will happen soon!


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