Glamping in the Highlands

Throughout my childhood I’d never been camping or anything close to it. I always thought that camping wasn’t for me, despite my love of nature and exploring. Thankfully over recent years, glamping has gained popularity and this is much more my style! Since my boyfriend had talked about how much he would enjoy camping, I thought we could meet in the middle and visit a Shepard’s Hut I found on AirBnB.

I do realise that our hut was definitely at the high end of the clamping definition, since the hut had it’s own hot tub. But of course there was no way Jamie would disagree with the visit when it was such an amazing place.

Day 1

We left Aberdeen and drove North-West to reach the highlands. We’re lucky that such a beautiful place is so close to where we live! We found our way through fields and country roads to the house of the owner, but we didn’t even need to see them because the hut had a code locked door so we could arrive whenever we wanted. We drove through a field to reach the beautiful Shepard’s hut which was much bigger than we had expected.

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With it’s cute blue door and stacks of wood outside I couldn’t wait to take our bag inside and see what was waiting for us.

As you can see from the inside, we had a huge double bed and even room for a sofa in the hut. We had a small bathroom and hot water so there was nothing more we needed to stay for a few nights!

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Outside on the porch, the log-fire hot tub was already steaming when we uncovered it. It was cold and foggy so I was glad we could get into the hot tub to warm up.

We were surrounded by beautiful fields, could only see one road and the house of the owner in the distance and were at the top of a small hill. We had complete privacy and quiet, it was amazing! There were no cars on the roads, no shouting, just the sound of sheep and cows in the distance. For once I felt like we were truly out in nature (even if we did have a few luxuries!).


Before we arrived we decided we would buy 2 disposable BBQ’s so we could use one on each night of our stay. We set one up soon after arriving and Jamie made some amazing food while I relaxed with a drink.

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We ate, drank and finally decided to use the hot tub which we had topped up with logs to make sure it was extra hot when we got it! It even had cup holders so we didn’t need to get out! We spent our first night relaxing, playing card games and Dobble. I felt fully relaxed for the first time in a while!

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Day 2

Our second day was much brighter and sunnier so we decided to drive up to the coast for a few hours to enjoy the weather. We drove to an area called MacDuff which is a fishing town on the north coast. We saw a crazy amount of boats in the shipyard and marina, lots of fishermen were getting ready to head out into the North Sea for a few days too. We had heard that there was an aquarium in the area, so we thought it would be a good place to stop off.

When we arrived at Macduff Aquarium we weren’t too sure what to expect but we had a really fun time. The aquarium was pretty quiet so we were the only people in most of the rooms. We travelled from the estuaries of the highlands all the way out to the depths of the North sea to find out about where each species lives. There was a small interactive exhibit with starfish and crabs which was next to the nursery with lots of baby fish, lobsters and rays!

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We had arrived in time to see the feeding of the sea creatures which are found in the deepest parts of the ocean which included rays, cod, dogfish and fish which survive on the floor of the sea. It was great to see the feeding and a member of staff provided a talk which told us about each of the individual fish.


After leaving the fish behind we decided to visit the next town Banff which has a beach instead of a marina. We got the chance to walk along the beach and Jamie skimmed stones across the water. Even though it had started to become cloudy it was still warm and there were plenty of dogs to spot too! Once it had reached dinner time we thought it was best to go back and set up our second BBQ incase it started to rain later.

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We had another amazing BBQ with Jamie cooking everything while I relaxed! I had also bought us a small marshmallow toasting kit, so we got the chance to use that before spending the night relaxing in the hot tub again!

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Although we only spent two nights glamping, I felt so relaxed. It was nice to not sit and watch netflix or be on social media all the time. I also loved that we were in such a quiet environment, being in the hot tub felt so peaceful and the log burning fire meant there was always an amazing smell in the air. After such a great experience I think I could brave a less luxurious place for our next clamping trip! Still don’t think i’ll be sitting in a tiny tent anytime soon though!




43 thoughts on “Glamping in the Highlands

  1. Glamping’s just right, isn’t it, outdoorsy yet comfortable! We have an old VW Camper for our Glamping adventures.
    Tracy @bloggerbythesea x

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  2. Looks like a great place for a short break. I’ve been insane enough to camp in the Highlands, and proceeded to get soaked by rain and bitten by most of the midgie population. I think next time we visit I might try glamping, if only for a night, to protect myself!

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    1. Well done for going camping there! I don’t think I would have the courage considering the unpredictable weather and as you mentioned the midges too! It was great because we could escape the bad weather but sit out in the warmth during the day!

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  3. This honestly sounds like my perfect stay away!! I’ve been looking at different glamping websites but some of them can be quite expensive, I never thought about having a look at air bnb! The hot tub and everything is perfect, I’m glad you had a fab time x x

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    1. This place was quite expensive because of the hot tub, but I would definitely recommend Air BnB for finding huts, cabins and cottages, i’ve found some beautiful places on there! You should definitely go glamping if you get the chance, it is so much fun!

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    1. Yes! We loved the marshmallow kit, i’m so glad that you suggested it! Was a lovely activity and the kit we got had amazing marshmallows too. It definitely added to the whole ‘glamping’ experience!

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  4. Now this is my kind of camping trip! Thank God I’m not the only one who loves the outdoors, but not sleeping in a tent. That’s not my idea of a vacation. However I could totally stay in a hut like this! It’s so cute and cozy looking. Loved your photos from the aquarium too. Sounds like a great trip!

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    1. I completely agree with you, I love nature and being out in the day time, but at night I want to sleep in a comfy bed! Thanks so much for your comment, it was a lovely break!


    1. I feel the same way! I wish that I could enjoy camping but I like being in a bed too much! I’m happy to be out all day, but at night I want to be indoors. Glamping is the perfect balance!


  5. Wow – this sounds amazing! The place you stayed is incredible. It looks like such a pretty place, and would be so good for just relaxing. This has definitely given me ideas of things we could do for holidays for me and my boyfriend! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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  6. I never did camping when I was a kid too! 😭 This is a great idea to experience, maybe I guess, after my childbirth/delivery. I always enjoy food at festivals and night market as well! Unfortunately, there arent a lot of festivals here in our country that would be travel friendly. Great post! 🙂

    Ellaine | In Betweens


  7. I just read your great guest post of summer travel essentials and it brought me over here! So glad I clicked over. My husband just asked if we could camp this summer as he gets a vacation and its one of his favorite activities. However, my immediate thought was “that’s not really for me”. Although I live in the U.S., I hope I can meet him in the middle and find a “glamping” site like this. It would be the perfect compromise! Thanks for sharing!!
    – Kourtney|


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